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Savvakis C. Savvides

Savvakis C. Savvides has been a regular member of the Faculty of the Harvard University Program on Investment Appraisal and Management since1986.  He designed and developed the original RiskMaster for use in his lectures in the above program.  The companion paper of his original lectures on risk analysis at Harvard is "Risk Analysis in Investment Appraisal" published in Project Appraisal Journal, Volume 9 Number 1, pages 3-18, March 1994 by  Beech Tree Publishing.  Links to this and other publications by S. C. Savvides can be accessed below:

Risk Analysis in Investment Appraisal
Market Analysis and Competitiveness in Project Appraisal
Marketing Analysis in Project Evaluation
Tourism, Environment and Profitability: The Case of the Paphos Holiday Complex (with A. P.Andreou and G. P. Jenkins)
Market Competitiveness, Risk and Economic Return: The Case of the Limassol Juice Company (with A. P. Andreou and G. P. Jenkins)

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