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Download the setup file and use your licence key and product id shown above to register the product.

Important note: We are investigating issues with heuristic protection products (such as Norton SONAR). These may wrongly interpret some actions by RiskEase as threats and may put the file in quarantine. Heuristic scanners do not search for a virus (that is done by the main anti-virus program) but analyse a file to determine if any of its actions could be perceived as a threat. The ‘threat’ detected in RiskEase is due to the fact it launches a separate executable program to check for, and download updates.

As a temporary measure you should exclude the RiskEase APPS folder (The folder you selected when installing RiskEase) from scans by heuristic scanners. Please contact us if you need further information or help before or after installing. We would like to stress this is a temporary measure and does not compromise the main anti-virus product you have installed.

You are also advised to turn SONAR (heuristic) protection to OFF on your Antivirus before downloading and installing and leave it so permanently. In Norton, this is done by navigating to: Security, Advanced and then setting “Sonar Protection” to OFF.

Instructions for installing and updating RiskEase 4 can be found here: