The Investment Analysis Toolpak™ (“IA”) is a set of Excel functions that have been prepared by RiskEase Ltd to be used as tools for financial modelling. The add-in has been designed so as to be easily used with and RiskEase™ Monte Carlo Simulation software (©RiskEase Ltd) and to facilitate the modelling of coherent projection patterns. These are driven by only few parameter variables and maintain a projection consistent within a projected period, therefore, to a large extent avoiding the building up of inconsistent scenarios from one period to another. RiskEase Ltd does not in any way endorse or otherwise validate the accuracy or fitness for purpose of these functions. It is merely provided as a means by which expert financial analysts and economists can project reliably and consistently in a multi-period forecast.

The user of these functions is totally and solely responsible for using them in formulas and for providing appropriate inputs as may be the case in the location, and sectors, where they are used. RiskEase Ltd does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy or correctness of any of the formulas or for the methodology employed in this model.

The information contained in these is the intellectual property of RiskEase Ltd. and must not be copied, republished or distributed without permission. The Investment Analysis Toolpak has not been formally audited although every care has been taken in this respect. RiskEase Ltd, however, does not guarantee that the file is free from computer viruses or other factors which may affect the integrity of the electronic file or the system which receives it.


A user should not delete any of the provided sheets including this Disclaimer. One can add new sheets and link to sheets where appropriate, but the core sheet should remain intact. Deleting any of these sheets or even changing the core formulas in some of these modules may impair the ability of the model to predict correctly.


RiskEase Ltd. bears nor accepts any legal or other responsibility of how the pro-forma template and the software that facilitates its application is actually employed and used by clients.