Welcome to the RiskEase demonstration program. This is a brief preview of the actual program’s main features. After registering, you can download this presentation demo of RiskEase. You can then run it on your computer to preview some of the features of RiskEase.

Please note that this demonstration was created using RiskEase 1 (which is only compatible with Excel 2003) and uses the drop down menus. RiskEase Master Edition (Version 5 which is the current and latest release) is compatible with Excel 2007 to 2016 and uses the Excel Ribbon instead of a drop down menu. It also adds many new capabilities such as Segmentation Analysis, Export to PowerPoint and Word and many other features.

Although the demo program portrays the drop down menus of Excel 2003 when running RiskEase 1 and in that respect is different from RiskEase Master Edition, the demo is still relevant in showing how RiskEase is uniquely different than similar Monte Carlo simulation software in its design, depth and ease of use.