When you select the “Analyze Results” command, and provided that RiskEase detects two or more open SRT’s (Simulation Results Tables), it will give you the option either to “Compare results from different SRT’s” or to “Merge multiple SRT’s for combined analysis”. The first case is useful when you want to see the difference between the results for various simulation conditions (controlled by your RVT, Risk Variables Table inputs). RiskEase will take the results from the selected SRT’s and store them in a new one, so that you can then analyze them together. This allows you, for example, to plot the same Model Result from two different scenarios on the same chart to establish any differences. The option to combine SRT’s is useful in Real Options analysis, where different possible scenarios are modelled as separate RVT’s but must all be taken into account simultaneously. RiskEase will combine the results from the selected SRT’s into one column for each Model Result according to the weights that you specify, so that this constructed “Model Result” represents the weighted sum of all scenarios examined.