This project is fully compatible and enhancing the capabilities of RiskEase providing a means for a complete and total solution for professionals involved in investment appraisal and credit risk assessment.

The Integrated Financial Model is included in RiskEase Total Edition and is offered as a service to corporate and public sector clients as well as Universities with the necessary country customisation and the training that supports its proper and professional use. Please contact RiskEase Ltd. for further details.

Integrated Financial Model RiskEase

The Integrated Financial Model© by Savvakis C. Savvides was created and tested after many years of expertise of the author in corporate lending and project finance as well as from teaching investment appraisal and risk analysis and the development of a number of related software. The model is designed so that it offers the user the following benefits:

  • To be set up easily and quickly.

  • To be coherent and comprehensive.

  • To be adaptable with very few changes.

  • To be usable for any type or size of project.

  • To be well and truly integrated.
  • To be driven by a manageable number of important parameters and also to include and accommodate the easy use of a specially designed forecasting Excel Add-In which allows the easy and coherent projections of growth patterns.

  • To be ready for Risk Analysis using Monte Carlo Simulation software (such as RiskEase).

  • To produce reports of financial cash flow projections from the perspective of various stakeholders, including the owner of the project, the total investment perspective or even to be easily expandable so as application of economic analysis.

  • The Model can also quickly be set up to be used for screening promising or even to discard poor and non-viable projects.

  • Last, but not least, the model can be attached as a front end to very large and elaborate workbooks to make sense of their useful, but often not so well integrated, content of data.


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