RiskEase Master Edition, Build 5.80

Release date: 30 October 2022

Latest Version main features:

  • More improvements in tree mapping and in identifying sheets from old workbooks created with previous versions of RiskEase and more minor bug fixes.
  • RiskEase has become a lot more robust. After a long and extensive testing and feedback from customers a number of bug fixes have been applied
  • Added Risk Aversion Analysis module.
  • The Core modules for setting and defining Risk Variables and Model Results have been in some cases completely re-written to improve both reliability and performance.
  • The Custom Reports module has been enhanced to accept and display graphically Office objects created using RiskEase and also other documents.
  • To enable one to easily manage a workbook the Organisation Map has been enhanced and a completely new Workbook Map feature has been added in the Reports menu.
  • Updating has been simplified and is now more reliably done either at Start-up or from the Updates page in the Options. This method also reduces the chance of frequent interventions from AV programs.
  • A utility has been added by which one can now update old RiskEase workbooks by attempting to reformat them so as to be compatible with the current version.
  • It is also possible to insert to an existing workbook a Growth Projections template which allows one to easily set and project patterns in a financial model using the built-in Investment Analysis Tookpak functions.