When you open a RVT (Risk Variables Table) or a model that was produced on another computer, Excel may produce a “File not found” dialog and ask you to locate the files RISKEASE.XLA or INVEST.XLA. This happens even if RiskEase is already loaded because the opened file contains links to the location of the add-ins on the original computer. In such cases just select “Cancel”; RiskEase will redirect the links automatically.

Please note that you may also get messages of the form

    “Microsoft Excel cannot find ‘RVTbtnArrange’ on ‘RiskEase.xla’…”

when opening a RVT that was created on another computer. This occurs for the same reason, namely that the RVT buttons still hold links to the copy of RiskEase that created that RVT. Again, just click on Cancel to ignore the messages and RiskEase will automatically redirect all links as needed. Save the RVT again to avoid getting these messages in the future.